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ーOur Valuesー

AHR JAPAN SCHOOL is a unique video animation for foreigners who can learn about Japan on their smartphones!

Learn about Japan

You can learn Japanese through Japanese contents such as manners, culture and expressions peculiar to Japan. So which you learn will  be useful for  your daily life.

Abundant conversation scenes

As you can study while imaging a conversation scene as well as listening to explanations by the contents based on a real situation, you will acquire practical skills to be useful from tomorrow.

With Japanese subtitles

If you cannot listen to Japanese, please don’t worry. All movies include Japanese subtitles.

Kind to individuals

Generally, online lessons are several thousand yen per session.But our service is monthly fixed rate service.So kind for individuals to enroll.


ーOur Strengthsー

Unlimited streaming

There are no daily viewing restrictions !Whenever, Wherever, Many times!

Ask questions on chat

You can take counsel about something that is not understood.

Live streaming

Participate in live streaming and interact with teachers in real time!



Subject:Japanese rules and manners/N3 Kanji

Date and time:Every Tuesday 19:00〜19:30(JPN)



Subject:N4 Grammar

Date and time:Every Wednesday 13:00〜13:30(JPN)



Subject:N3 Grammar

Date and time:Every Friday 19:00〜19:30(JPN)



Subject:Japanese conversation

Date and time:Every Saturday 13:00〜13:30(JPN)

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-Our School-


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-Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. Is there a time limit in which I can take lectures?

No, there isn’t. You can take lectures 24 hours a day.

Q. How is AHR JAPAN SCHOOL’s curriculum?

We have lessons divided into different categories. So You can pick up a category you want to learn and advance learning step by step!

Q. Where is the school?

There is no school because it is a service to study by watching videos on the website or watching live streaming.

Q. Do you have online classes?

Yes. We announce on Facebook. Please check Facebook.

Contact us on Business

You can connect us using this address as well.


Operating Company:AHR Cooperative